Rabbit Hole

              A narrative that barely delivers a complete argument while focusing on raw emotion.

              Complete Story

              Devastatingly real look at one couple’s attempt to deal with the accidental death of their 4-year old son. While the emphasis in story structure rests squarely in the Main Character and Influence Character Throughlines (Nicole Kidman as Becca and Aaron Eckhart as Howie, respectively) and their Relationship Story Throughline (dissolution of their marriage), there is enough of an Overall Story Throughline to give the film a sense of completeness.

              More could have been explored in terms of the effect the young child’s death had on Becca’s mother, her friends and the young kid behind the wheel—and one would suspect that the shorter running time (91 minutes) gives ample reason why they were not—yet the film does not leave one wanting any more than what is there.

              The completeness of a story should never supplant the opportunity to deliver an emotional experience that many of us wish and pray never happens. Rabbit Hole understands that.

              Never Trust a Hero

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