The Adjustment Bureau

              The compulsion to state your purpose directly indicates a dysfunctional narrative.

              Incomplete Story

              Cool movie…right until the end. Anytime you feel you have to explain the message of the story in a speech, you have failed to present a complete story, and failed to create something meaningful.

              The missing component is the lack of a well-defined Influence Character, a character whose primary role is to challenge the Main Character’s approach to solving problems. Because the heart of the story lies within the relationship between Elise and David Norris(Matt Damon) it only follows that Elise should have assumed this key structural role.

              The end result is a solid Twilight Zone episode stretched out over two hours. There is some tension found between the story’s symptom of Chaos and the character’s response of Order, but without a solidly defined Influence Character the story ultimately argues nothing.

              Never Trust a Hero

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