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True Grit

Structure: 1/5 | Entertainment: 3/5

Amazing that a film that started out with so much potential could end with such a whimper. A simple case of this happened then this happened and then this happened, True Grit provides an excellent example of the meaningless tale. It was clear that Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) was growing to a point where she wouldn’t be able to complete her act of revenge (the lingering looks at the dead bodies, the suffering she puts everyone through), yet for some reason all that happened was that she lost her arm and couldn’t say goodbye to Cockburn (Jeff Bridges). Unfulfilling to say the least.

Some may argue that it was Cockburn himself who underwent the most significant change, growing from a self-interested man to one who would drive himself into the ground for another. But was it really a stretch to imagine that a man who was willing to shoot another because he was spanking a girl would also risk his own health to rescue the same girl from certain death? The growth and change of perspective was completely absent from this film.

A huge disappointment for anyone seeking something more from stories.

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