Complete Story

              A perfect example of “form over formula”, this film does a terrific job of dressing up the classic Main Character with control issues story by applying fresh wit and satire (and a little bit of blood). Be on the lookout for the traditional “You and I” moment wherein Main Character Columbus discovers that he and Impact Character Tallahassee are much more alike than he had previously thought. One complaint, it seems to drag a bit in the middle as the Overall Story thread (Getting to Pacific Playland) is put on hold. Thankfully, it’s character development they spend the time on instead, but the film runs short as it is (87 minutes). Perhaps weaving in some Zombie killing throughout that development would have kept the story focused and allowed the audience to enjoy more of what they showed up for in the first place. Regardless, this infraction is minor and overshadowed by the sheer fun of the whole piece. Must see for fans of story.

              Never Trust a Hero

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