A Comprehensive Analysis of The Imitation Game

Jon Gentry, a contributor to the Narrative First Genre Gist Collections and the first student to enroll in the Dramatica® Mentorship Program just completed the certification process to become a Dramatica Story Expert.

A significant portion of the certification program involves decoding and encoding a comprehensive storyform analysis of a well-regarded film, novel, play, or television series. Jon chose The Imitation Game, written by Graham Moore and directed by Morten Tyldum, and the end result is a feast for fans of elegant and functional storytelling.

If becoming a Certified Dramatica Story Expert is something you might be interested, consider enrolling in the Dramatica Mentorship Program or better yet--let's use Deliberate Storytelling to write your next story together. Both approaches guarantee to develop your sense of story to the point where you'll be able to fly through the certification process with litte to no effort.

Read Jon Gentry's comprehensive Dramatica analysis of The Imitation Game.