A Documentary with a Meaningful Narrative Competes

Proof positive that purpose counts

Amazing news this week!

Ask No Questions, a documentary by directors Jason Loftus and Eric Pedicelli, was one of only nine docs selected for competition at the 2020 Slamdance Film Festival!! 🎉👏🏻🙌

As described in Variety:

A former Chinese state TV insider is held in a brainwashing camp and compelled to accept the official narrative on a fiery public suicide, which he believes was a government plot.

The documentary explores real world events, and does so—you guessed it—with a little help from yours truly. 😁

I helped Jason and Eric figure out the unique storyform for Ask No Questions. Using a combination of Subtext and Dramatica, we dove deep into the heart of their artistic intent and what they wanted to say about the incident. We explored the Four Throughlines of their Premise and discussed various approaches for revealing them to the Audience. Jason and Eric then went to work making an eye-opening and emotionally moving film.

I can't wait for everyone to see it—and, of course, discuss it in great length about it premieres.

Congratulations again to both Jason and Eric!

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