An Emotional Appreciation of Narrative Structure

Intuiting emotion

As evidenced by last year's exploration of The Holistic Premise, the Success or Failure in achieving a story's "goal" simply isn't enough to reflect the totality of narrative.

Starting today, Subtext now reveals the emotional state of narrative structure when engaged with a Holistic story:

The Emotional States of Narrative Structure

Compare the emotional state of structure for Snowpiercer against The Farewell:

Snowpiercer and The Farewell

Both offer a Holistic experience of narrative structure, one more interested in an alignment of self rather than solving problems. Snowpiercer explores Disconnection, while The Farewell encounters Alignment. The variation between the two sets an emotional state that dictates the order and presentation of thematic concerns…

…or, if you want to think of their structures in simpler terms, they explore the difference between 😶 and 🙂.

Never Trust a Hero.

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