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Assigning Player Roles Simplified

Jun 17th, 2020

As proud as I am of the engineering feat that was the Player Roles window for Subtxt v.2, the latest update is one for the writers:

Simplifying Player Roles

The drag n' drop functionality found in the previous versions simply didn't translate to mobile devices--in fact, it was quite frustrating to use. And as powerful an educational tool I felt it was to connect Roles with a visual representation of the Throughlines, many writers new to Dramatica simply didn't need that much input.

Subtxt will still warn you if you try to write a story without a proper Main Character or Influence Character role, and won't let you force-fit an objective relationship into a Relationship Story Throughline--but it will maintain the ability to mix and match Players across the Throughlines for dual roles. For example, Maverick above appears as both a Player in the Objective Story Throughline (the Protagonist), as well fulfilling the Main Character Throughline role (daddy issues, and being reckless).

This ease of functionality rolls out with the next version of Subtxt.