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Can a Rock Be an Antagonist?

Jul 22nd, 2018

In our junior high creative writing class we we are taught "man vs. nature". This leads many to believe that a mountain, or a wave, or even a rock can function like an Antagonist.

They can't.

Unless someone represents the rock or speaks for the rock, it won't come across as a character, but rather a force of nature. No one interacts with the rock which, as Chris Huntley (Dramatica co-creator) puts it:

is essential for an objective character – no push and pull between forces; no act, counter, dodge, attack, etc.

Antagonists Avoid (Or Prevent) and motivate others to Reconsider their goals. They're the voice of reticence.

So, they need a voice.

They need:

directed action with a particular purpose -- to separate [them] from "stuff happens"

A rock can be an Antagonist, if the Author attributes some reactive responsibility to the inanimate object. They need to Prevent. And they need to Reconsider.