Connecting Main Characters To A Story

About a quarter done with integrating my new comprehensive take on my Main Character Throughline (first Signpost) for screenplay 2015-02. Very happy and excited with the changes. It is interesting how well the Main Character's personal issues fit in with the larger story problem (Overall Story Throughline). I'll be writing and thinking of her own personal issues when all of a sudden, I'll see a connection between her stuff and what everyone else is dealing with. One will flow into the other.

In this story my Main Character Remains Steadfast in regards to her personal problems which means she will share the same kind of thematic Symptom and Response with the Overall Story. This translates into robust scenes. My Main Character will be focusing on problems she sees in the big picture, when really she is speaking of her own personal problems. Having such a familiarity with those kinds of issues, my Main Character jumps into action thinking she already knows how to solve everything.[1]

I'm finding a greater thematic resonance between the two Throughlines and an even greater potential for drama. With both Throughlines focused on the same dramatic Element at their core, there is a purpose for this Main Character to be in this story. The Audience gets a subjective and objective view of dealing with the same problem.

  1. Or at least, she thinks she does. This is the apparent Symptom and Response of the Throughline, not the actual Problem and Solution. ↩︎