Day Three of Clarity with the Elements of Structure

Focusing on the opposite of an element encourages one to narrow their appreciation of a narrative.

Ok, now this is getting spooky.

After two days of considering the narrative element of Uncontrolled and evidence that the term Free might better explain that area of the narrative model, I stumble across yet another negative-binary term: Non-acceptance.

Meant to signify the dynamic opposite of Acceptance, Non-acceptance sounds a lot like a lack of acceptance--which it really isn't meant to denote; the same way a lack of Control sounds way too much like Uncontrolled.

A more accurate term might be Rejection.

Maui's Throughline in the Atomizer

Explored within the context of Captain Fantastic, a drive to Reject societal norms not only reads better than a drive to "non-accept"--but also speaks more to the heart of Ben's personal issues, and the issues of the Overall Story. It also fits in well with other elements of story found in this area like Induction, Reduction, Production, and Deduction.

And it focuses on what the element is, not what the element isn't.

And it fits in better under the issue of Permission. And it would look 5,000 times better in the Atomizer.

The problem with constantly needing to reject modern day culture is at the core of all things Captain Fantastic.

We understand Rejection.

We kinda-sorta get Non-acceptance.