Discovering the Thematic Argument of a Complete Story

Distill complex story theory down into something a little more familiar.

Storyforms aren't the most natural thing for writers to understand.

You know your Story Goal is Obtaining, your Story Outcome Failure and your Story Judgment Good. And you know your Main Character's Problem is Pursuit, and their Resolve is Changed, but if anyone was to ask What is your story's theme? you would be lost, right?

Enter the Thematic Argument wrap-up feature in the Atomizer:

The Thematic Argument of Thor: Ragnarök

When you get right down to it, this is what the storyform is arguing--this is the message of your story.

And it changes from one story to the next.

The Thematic Argument of Star Wars

Even tragedies work with intention.

The Thematic Argument of Reservoir Dogs

Imagine being able to distill your entire storyform down into a simple, human-readable sentence.

With the Narrative First Atomizer, you can. Find a narrative and Thematic Argument that matches your intention and adjust it to match your storytelling style.

Thematic Arguments exist for many of the storyforms on file, and more are on the way. Register now for the Narrative First Atomizer

(P.S. And wait till you see the end game for all of this!)