GPT-4 Rolls Out to All Subtxt Users

Explore narrative creativity with our latest GPT-4 tools

It's an exciting time at Narrative First as we announce a transformative update for all our Subtxt subscribers: the general release of GPT-4, the latest and most advanced AI from OpenAI. This update is designed to empower your creative process, enabling you to develop stories with an intelligence and sophistication previously unreachable.

What’s New for All Subscribers?

As of today, logging into Subtxt will greet you with a ready-to-go setup featuring GPT-4o. With just a simple tap on the newly marked Subtxt Muse button, you can start exploring depths of narrative and character development like never before.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned writer, the enhanced capabilities of GPT-4 are designed to seamlessly integrate into your creative workflow, ensuring that the only limit is your imagination.

Exploring the Modes of Muse: Choose Your Creative Companion

One of the most exciting features of the new GPT-4 upgrade is the ability to access different "modes" of Muse by tapping the Mind button at the top of the screen. This functionality introduces what we like to call "Mueses"—a playful plurality of Muses—each tailored to distinct aspects of storytelling and theory.

Muse Mode: Your Default Creative Partner

The default mode, Muse, is your go-to for direct story development. Here, you can craft narratives, develop characters, and refine plots with the enhanced intelligence of GPT-4. Muse acts as your personal story consultant, offering insights and suggestions that enrich your narrative framework.

Theory Mode: A Deep Dive into Decades of Narrative Wisdom

For those looking to deepen their understanding of narrative structures, Theory mode offers a wealth of knowledge. By selecting Theory, you tap into a comprehensive database of over three decades of articles, analyses, blog posts, podcast transcriptions, and support emails. This mode is designed to educate and inspire by providing a deep dive into various parts of narrative theory, helping you to see your story through a sophisticated lens of storytelling principles.

Future Expansions: More Muses on the Horizon

Looking ahead, we’re excited to expand this concept with more specialized Mueses. Soon, you'll also be able to invoke Muse Personas from the older version of Muse, which offer even more personalized advice and insights tailored to your unique storytelling needs.

Tailored Experiences for Pro and Infinite Subscribers

Our Pro and Infinite subscribers will continue to enjoy additional benefits. These tiers offer more extensive content possibilities and a larger memory bank for Muse. Moreover, Muse can intelligently select the most suitable Muse-mode for answering specific storytelling queries or for fleshing out different parts of your story . We’re also rolling out exclusive Storyforming tools that simplify and enhance the story development process, making it easier to bring your vision to life.

Comprehensive AI Enhancements Across Subtxt

It’s not just Muse that’s getting an upgrade; we’ve enhanced all AI interactions across the Subtxt app to ensure a seamless and more engaging user experience. With the integration of GPT-4, you will notice improvements not only in how you interact with Muse but across all functionalities of the platform.

Faster Response Times

We’ve optimized our systems to ensure quicker response times throughout the app. This means less waiting and more doing, allowing you to flow from one idea to the next with minimal interruption. Whether you're querying Muse, navigating through narrative theory, or exploring different story possibilities, everything now happens faster.

Friendlier and More Intuitive Interactions

Along with speed, we’ve focused on the tone and style of interactions. Expect responses that are not just faster, but also friendlier and more intuitive. We understand that the creative process is not just about efficiency but also about enjoyment and ease. Our AI now not only understands your questions better but responds in a way that is more aligned with the supportive and creative spirit of Subtxt.

Understanding the Different Subtxt Subscription Tiers: Subtxt, Subtxt Pro, and Subtxt Infinite

As we celebrate the integration of GPT-4 across all our subscription levels, it's important to understand the distinct capabilities each tier offers. While all our subscribers benefit from the latest updates, the difference in experience comes down to two key factors: memory and context capacity.

Subtxt: Ideal for Everyday Storytellers

The standard Subtxt tier is designed to meet the needs of everyday storytellers who wish to harness the power of the new Muse and GPT-4. This tier includes a daily usage limit that supports a wide range of story development activities without overwhelming the user. Once the limit is reached, the system automatically transitions to using GPT-3.5, ensuring you can continue working on your story with a slightly reduced model. This ensures that all users have fair access to our resources while still enjoying a robust storytelling tool.

Subtxt Pro: A Power User’s Dream

Subtxt Pro is tailored for power users who need more from their Muse. With a usage cap that is 5x that of the standard Subtxt tier, Pro users are far less likely to experience any rollback to the smaller model. This tier is perfect for users who engage in more intensive writing sessions, especially useful during peak creative times like weekends.

Subtxt Infinite: Unlimited Creativity

For the ultimate narrative development experience, Subtxt Infinite offers unlimited usage without any daily limits. Subscribers to this tier enjoy an extended memory context—sometimes double that of Pro—allowing for more complex and longer narrative threads to be maintained without interruption. This tier is ideal for professional writers, researchers, and anyone deeply involved in extensive story crafting or theoretical exploration.

Continuous Improvement and Updates

As we progress, we will continue to enhance and update our models to ensure that each tier benefits from the latest advancements in AI technology. This ongoing development means that Subtxt, Subtxt Pro, and Subtxt Infinite will evolve, offering increased capacity and improved features that align with the cutting-edge of AI technology.

Key Updates for Today's Release

  • Muse Popup Version: Initially, the popup version of Muse will use the older system to avoid disrupting any projects currently in progress. We will introduce an option to switch to the newer Muse version in the popup later this week.
  • Usage Limits: At launch, there are no usage limits for Subtxt subscribers. If you see any messages indicating otherwise, please know it's just a bug that we're in the process of fixing.
  • Document Uploads: We are aware of issues with document uploads in the new Muse, stemming from complications with OpenAI's API. Uploading through the older version of Muse remains a viable option until this is resolved.

A Leap Forward in Storytelling

We believe that the introduction of GPT-4 to Subtxt will revolutionize the way our users engage with story creation. The enhancements are not just improvements; they are a leap forward in digital storytelling tools. We are eager for you to experience the nuanced intelligence and dynamic capabilities of GPT-4.

This enhancement to the Subtxt platform underscores our commitment to evolving with your creative needs, ensuring that every story you tell is not just told, but masterfully crafted.

Happy writing! 📚

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