Improving the Experience of Building a Story

Recent updates to Subtext allow for greater control over the content of each important Storybeat.

Took the weekend to improve the Structure Builder. While the complete list of changes can always be found on the Updates page for Subtext, here's a peak at what you can expect:

New Structure Builder

That's right--you can now choose the individual story example that works for your story! No longer are you chained to the endless carousel of randomness found within the earlier version of the service. With this latest update, you can instantly pick the one that fits OR enter an example of your own.

Future versions of Subtext will give you the opportunity to submit your example for review and have it added to the group list--if you're into sharing.

You'll also note that you can now tap the Element itself and get an overview of what that item looks like within the context of that particular Story Appreciation. Here you can see the kind of assistance you receive when you're faced with a Relationship Story Signpost 1 of Subconscious:

A Relationship Signpost 1 of Subconscious

A short blurb explaining the way I think about the Storypoint in my own work and in consulting with others, a handful of stories that share the same Storypoint (and a link to the complete collection), and an overview of the Plot Progression for that Throughline.

Whenever I encode a specific Signpost, I'm always thinking about it context of the entire narrative journey itself--where it fits in with all the other Signposts. This Plot Progression is a good reminder element when it comes to crafting your story with meaning.

I hope you enjoy using Subtext to create stories as much as I love building it.