More Evidence of Free as an Element of Narrative

Yet another example of where a slight shift in perspective would bring greater understanding.

Two days in a row and I suspect the universe is trying to tell me something. Looking over the elements of narrative in the recently uploaded Moana storyform:

Maui's Throughline in the Atomizer

We see Uncontrolled as an Influence Character Problem for Maui (Dwayne Johnson). Sure, his challenging perspective is all over the place, but is it really about being Uncontrolled--or is it about being Free?

Imagine an Influence Character Problem of Free defining the source of Maui's impact on Moana and the challenge for her to stay resolute in her own perspective. Less about the wild, uncontrolled nature of his character and more about the drive to be unrestrained and directionless.

I wonder how many other storyforms would be better served by this adjustment.