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New Views for Subtext

Nov 28th, 2017

Very excited to share the latest look of Subtext:


After playing with the first release over the Thanksgiving holiday, I started to realize the need for a more visual representation of the storyform. Why not include the quad of elements containing the Problem for the Throughline? And why not make it obvious the feeling of Act turns by showcasing the turn from one Signpost to the next?

I also left room to incorporate the Throughline Thursdays feature here at Narrative First. This was always my long-term goal and I'm super excited that it's finally ready for everyone to enjoy.

Throughline Thursdays comes to the Subtext

This visual representation of the Throughlines within a narrative is fully dynamic and interactive--click on the Throughline and you're taken right to that Throughline's card of story points.

Every storyform ships with the first view, storyforms I covered with a Throughline Thursdays enjoy the second view as well.

And rest assured--this is only the beginning.

Subtext. Get to know story.