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Searching for Meaning in Searching

Jun 11th, 2021

The Writers Room in Subtxt is a place where writers interested in better storytelling gather together to learn the ins and outs of developing a meaningful and purposeful story. Hosted by Chief Narrative Officer James Hull, the Room seeks to explain the psychology of story, while simultaneously providing practical advice towards applying those same abstract theoretical concepts.

Sometimes, we just analyze a film.

Last year, we looked at the online thriller searching—a fantastic film that manages to convey a complete story while keeping us riveted to a computer monitor.

While the complete analysis and accompanying one-hour video class is an exclusive for Subtxt subscribers, I thought of a clear and concise way to describe the narrative storyform and wanted to share it here on Narrative First.

(Note: Major spoilers ahead—if you haven't seen the film yet, please do so before reading the analysis below. It's really a great experience that you should go into not knowing anything!)

The Analysis of searching