January 14, 2019

              Last week, I moderated the first Dramatica Users Group of the year Crazy Rich Asians.

              If you know anything about this film, you know that it was a surprise success—due in large part to its solid and meaningful story.

              What the heck does that even mean? A “solid and meaningful” story?

              It means there’s something more there than characters and things happening to those characters and scenes about how those characters overcome those things happening to them—

              —it means the Author is trying to argue something important. A point-of-view on how best to resolve the conflict in our own lives.

              The class ran TWO HOURS. It was, by far, the largest turnout we’ve had in a while, which means the quality and diversity of the conversation was off the charts.

              And I had a blast teaching it.

              Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or new to all of this story theory, this class will be well worth your time. 🚀

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