The Appreciations of a Narrative Premise

Defining the artistic intent behind narrative structure

In anticipation of the Premise Builder, soon to be released for Subtext, I just rolled out a look at the Appreciations of Premise across all 450+ storyforms.

Appreciations of Premise in Subtext

Details and instruction on how these Appreciations work are forthcoming, though those of you familiar with Dramatica theory will likely recognize their source within the storyform.

  • Emphasis covers the Main Character Problem-Solving Style
  • Engagement is a combination of Main Character Approach and Story Driver
  • Perspective is another take on the Main Character Resolve
  • Experience is a combination of Main Character Growth and Story Judgment
  • Ending is a combination of Story Outcome and Judgment

The values for these keys adjust as a result of different narrative dynamics. For instance, the Endings for a story that emphasizes Self (Holistic Problem-Solving) reflect a different understanding.

Varying Appreciations of Premise

These Appreciations are the fastest and most meaningful way for a writer to connect their artistic intent with narrative structure.

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