The Big Giant Update to Subtext

Speed and beauty--all in the same package.

Today we rolled out our Big Giant Update for our Subtext service: the very best way to apply the Dramatica theory of story to your next writing project. We can't wait for you to see what you can do with it.

First up: Speed. Subtext has been re-engineered from the ground-up to take advantage of modern development techniques. The result is an experience that feels more native, more snappy, and more responsive when it comes to developing solid narratives. Whether you're on a Mac, or a PC, Android device, iPad or iPhone, you now have instant access to all 400+ storyforms, hundreds of thousands of storytelling examples, videocasts, and character arc videos. Everything is just a tap or click away.

Second: Insane Search capability. We improved the Search feature to not only work with the keyboard (up, down, escape, and tab work as expected), but also readjusted and reconnoitered the filtering process to help you find exactly what you want when you need it.

Insane Search Mode on Subtext

Third: PC users rejoice…the buttons actually work now 😆 If you're on a Windows machine and tried Subtext, only to find out that occasionally some of the buttons wouldn't work, well…we fixed that issue. Buttons now perform like buttons and grant you an entry way into a better understanding of your story.

The Structure Builder in Subtext

Fourth: Instant access to your narrative's unique storyform from within the Structure Builder! In the middle of a story meeting and need a quick glance at what your Main Character's Unique Ability is so you can impress everyone with your ultimate command of the narrative? Then click on the Storyform button at the bottom of the Structure Builder.

Pop-Up Storyform in the Structure Builder

This can also help keep you grounded in the narrative while you create with the Structure Builder. Personally, we like losing ourselves in the story when we create, and constructed Subtext to purposefully avoid more complex theoretical concepts. That said, we totally understand the need to access this vital information and wanted to make sure you can easily find it.

Fifth: Round and round on the carousel of storyforms. The Most Recent Storyforms added to Subtext can now be swiped and or clicked through to quickly catch up on the very latest analyses.

Subtext Carousel of Storyforms

Sixth: Design. We've tweaked the overall look of Subtext to improve clarity, structure, and all-around pleasantness.

Make Storyform Connections Beautiful

Seventh: And lastly, but not least-ly: Subtext has a brand identity now!

The Subtext Brand

Whenever you catch this mark, you know you're receiving the very latest updates and developments into the psychology of narrative structure.

As always, we completely reserve the right to continually update and improve Subtext to make it the absolutely best experience when it comes to developing a strong and meaningful narrative.

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