The Difference between Timespace and Spacetime

The impact of their relationship on narrative structure

Subtxt is the only narrative structure application that accounts for either Timespace or Spacetime when it comes to the sequencing of events.

Discovered during the development of Subtxt's unique narrative engine and explored in the article Time and Space in Dramatica: Re-writing the Story Limit, this key relationship organzies the order of Progressions and Events within the Transits of a complete story.

Unbeknownst to us, this concept exists elsewhere in the theoretical musings of Dewey B. Larson. His book, Beyond Space and Time is available for download, and though I have yet to read it myself, this introduction in bite-sized TikTok fashion, is intriguing (if nothing else, it'll force me to watch Ms. Marvel).

Originally published 04-04-2022

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