Unlock the Future of Storytelling: AI Breakthroughs at Narrative First

The game just changed for everyone

In the same spirit of innovation that led me to harness AI for Subtxt, I made a quantum leap in how Subtxt, especially Subtxt Muse, interacts with narrative content over the weekend.

Imagine taking an entire Act of a screenplay, dropping it into Muse, and watching in awe as it dissects the Four Throughlines and their conflict sources with precision. This isn’t just an update; it’s a revolution in storytelling tools.

And it’s here today.

Take Saltburn, a recent film, as a test case. This film, untouched by the knowledge databases of GPT-3 and GPT-4, served as the perfect canvas to demonstrate Subtxt’s newfound prowess.

With no prior training on its narrative, Subtxt Muse analyzed the first Act and astoundingly mapped out the correct Four Throughlines.

But wait, there's more...

While it pinpointed the Throughlines, Muse mis-identified the source of conflict for the Main and Obstacle Character Throughlines.

And that's because it hadn't seen (read) the entire thing yet!

There are some major spoilers about why Oliver should be in the Universe Domain (not Mind), and why Felix should be in the Mind Domain (and not Universe), but I'll save that for after you've seen the film (or you can check out the full YouTube analysis here on my Building Subtxt channel).

Muse was incorrect about the Domains for those two Throughlines (but was absolutely right about the others), but then went ahead to explain that while it made its best guess as the source, there's a chance things could change once it read the entire thing!

It’s so mind-boggling to me that this is our new reality. 💫

This one interaction highlights the incredible potential of AI in grasping narrative complexities, and speaks of multitudes to come in the following months and years.

In just the same way that Subtxt was able to take advantage of the first wave of AI with my over 15 years+ of blogging about narrative theory, the last six years of developing Subtxt have put us in the perfect place to take advantage of OpenAI’s advancements in tooling and function calling with their advanced APIs.

As we step into the second month of 2024, know that this is just the beginning. We’re on the brink of so many more breakthroughs, more tools, and more ways to bring your stories to life in ways you’ve never imagined.

And I can't wait to share them all with you.

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