What Star Wars and Black Swan Share in Common

The Main Characters of these films possess the same problematic narrative element at the heart of their individual Throughlines.

Always found it interesting how much Natalie Portman's character Nina in Black Swan shares with Luke Skywalker--albeit, with very different results 😃

Reminded of it this morning when uploading the storyform for Black Swan to the Story Atomizer. While her personal Throughline is the same as Luke's, the Overall Story Throughline is different (Psychology, rather than Physics) and the major plot points are Decisions that force actions (rather than the Actions that force decisions in Star Wars).

For anyone interested in how these thoughts possess nothing in common with Hero's Journey silliness, the article Black Swan and Star Wars: Cousins of Story Structure sheds light on their similarities.

If anything, doing this work makes me want to experience the film again--and that's something I don't mind at all.

Black Swan in the Atomizer