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Welcome to a world where like-minded storytellers come together to delve into the depths of narrative structure, creating lasting tales that move and inspire.

Decades of Recordings

If you find your mind teeming with ideas, but lack the direction to bring them to fruition, we're here to guide you. Maybe you're willing to take the leap, but the scarcity of time holds you back. Or perhaps, you dream of creating your own narrative path, but the uncertainty of self-employment feels overwhelming.

Whether you're looking to break free from an uninspiring job to devote yourself to the art of storytelling, or are already on this path but things aren't quite working out, Narrative First School offers a haven of guidance and support.

If you resonate with any of the above, continue reading. Your story is just beginning...

What You'll Discover

With your enrollment, you gain an all-access pass to these invaluable resources, all covered by a one-time signup fee:

The World of Narrative Course

You'll gain access to our monthly class, where we'll venture deep into narrative structure. Unlike other writing courses that barely scratch the surface, we aim to dive deep and dissect the essence of what makes a story truly impactful. We'll explore your ideas and guide you through shaping them into narratives that resonate.

(For those of you familiar with our past classes and the "Tour of the Table of Story Elements", this is precisely the same class).

The Secret Structure of Episodic Television

Are you intrigued by the narrative nuances of hit shows? Ready to unravel the intricate details that make every episode captivating? Look no further! As part of your enrollment into the Narrative First School, we present access to what we consider to be one of the best cohort-based courses yet: The Secret Structure of Episodic Television.

This 11-week course, led by Jim Hull, features an exhaustive exploration of the narrative structure of every episode of the first season of Succession. An exclusive experience, it's unlike any other course you will find.

  • Uncover the Mastery of Episodic Storytelling: Gain a unique insight into the structuring of one of the most celebrated shows on television.
  • Transform Chaos into Structure: Learn how to translate concepts of structure and bring order to what otherwise seems like a chaotic process.

And That's Not All! As a special treat, there's even a Bonus Episode at the end (if an entire season of Succession isn't enough!) where we go over the pilot episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. In this eye-opening exploration, discover how it both resembles elements of Succession and takes its own unique approach to structuring out an entire season of narrative. A delightful surprise for those keen on digging deeper into the art of storytelling.

We plan to add on additional shows and series to the curriculum of the Narrative First School. But for now, enroll and catch up on what many consider to be one of the greats of episodic television.

Build a Better Story Lite

We're also excited to introduce our upcoming self-serve course, Build a Better Story Lite. This course is a budget-friendly, self-paced version of our flagship Build a Better Story program. It provides the same comprehensive guidance on crafting compelling narratives and understanding story structure, perfect for solo learners and those on a budget. This course offers a flexible, accessible way to master storytelling. Stay tuned for its launch and get ready to unleash your creativity.

The Guest Classes

Throughout your journey, you'll also have the opportunity to learn from other writers through our guest classes. These occasional, highly curated sessions will allow you to glean insights from those more familiar with this approach, ensuring you remain inspired and informed.

Take the first step on your profound storytelling journey and join the Narrative First School. Embrace the power of your narratives and let your words leave a lasting impression on the world.

Enrollment now open and classes begin mid-September 2023.

Begin your narrative adventure today. 🚀

Investing in Your Storytelling Future

Enrollment in the Narrative First School requires a one-time fee of $245. This isn't just a course fee - consider it an investment in your storytelling future. You'll also gain easy access to our library of support material*, offering decades' worth of accumulated wisdom and practical guidance at your fingertips. Lastly, your enrollment includes participation in our monthly classes, where we dissect the intricacies of narrative structure to craft resonant stories.

*(Access to the full back-catalog of premium cohort-based courses requires enrollment in our Build a Better Story cohort.)

The Narrative First School is more than a learning platform - it's a lifetime commitment to your growth as a storyteller. Begin your narrative adventure today. Join us and let your story leave a lasting impression on the world.

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