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Welcome to the Narrative First Workshop: the hub for enhancing your storytelling skills in this new frontier of AI-enhanced storytelling.

AI Storytelling Foundations
Everything you ever wanted to know about writing lasting and meaningful stories. In six weeks, you'll gain a method for writing with AI that will save you time while amplifying your natural creativity.

enroll for $1450(one-time only fee)

  • Hundreds and hundreds of hours of pre-recorded screencasts
  • One FREE year of Subtxt Pro ($450 value)
  • Step-by-step program from story idea to detailed treatment
  • Access to recordings of every prior Advanced Course
  • The Secret Structure of Episodic Television series
  • Monthly Subtxt University follow-up workshops

Payment plans are available to ensure flexibility and accessibility for all our users. Details can be found on the individual enrollment pages.

Discounts available to current Subtxt subscribers. Please visit Workshops in the Story Central section of the Subtxt app for more details.

All workshops are recorded, ensuring you have access to every insightful moment, regardless of your availability for the live sessions. Joining a Workshop gives you access to this pre-recorded material indefinitely, even if you decide to put your subscription to Subtxt on hold.


  1. Step-by-Step Program from Story Idea to Detailed Treatment: The Cohort Workshop is structured as a step-by-step program that guides you from the initial conception of a story idea to the creation of a detailed treatment. This comprehensive approach ensures that you develop a strong foundation in narrative structure, character development, and plot progression. By the end of the workshop, you will have transformed your initial concept into a well-structured and fleshed-out treatment, ready for the next stages of your writing process.

  2. Pre-recorded Screencasts: This comprehensive resource includes hundreds of hours of pre-recorded screencasts. These screencasts cover a wide range of topics and techniques in storytelling, offering deep insights into the art and craft of narrative construction. They are an invaluable tool for writers looking to explore different aspects of storytelling at their own pace and schedule.

    Check out the entire list here: Workshop Recordings

  3. Subtxt Pro ($450 Value) Subtxt Pro is the pinnacle of AI-assisted storytelling, utilizing the cutting-edge GPT-4 model. This premium offering gives you an unprecedented level of narrative insight and sophistication, enabling deeper character development and more intricate plot structures. A year's subscription to Subtxt Pro means access to the most advanced storytelling tools available, ensuring your narratives are not just engaging but truly groundbreaking.

  4. The Secret Structure of Episodic Television: This part of the workshop delves into the unique narrative structure of episodic television series. It reveals the underlying frameworks that make episodic content compelling and successful. Focusing on the first season of HBO's Succession, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to craft engaging story arcs and character developments that resonate across multiple episodes.

  5. Monthly Deep Narrative Theory Workshops: These are regular, interactive sessions held each month, providing an opportunity for live learning and discussion. In these workshops, various storytelling topics are explored in-depth, with opportunities for Q&A and direct feedback. In addition, attendees are encouraged to develop their skills by engaging in assignments based on the lessons learned (with ongoing feedback in the discussion forums). They are ideal for keeping up with the latest trends and techniques in storytelling.

Infinite Workshops

For those who have completed the Advanced AI-Powered Storytelling Workshop and wish to further their learning, we offer the Infinite Workshops program. This unique opportunity allows you to re-engage with the Workshop experience you purchased on an ongoing and repeat basis.

Many find their second workshop their favorite and most productive.

For a one-time fee of $650, you gain the privilege to enroll in any of the upcoming The Future of AI and Storytelling Workshops, indefinitely. This means you can join as many future workshops as you like, providing continuous opportunities to refine your skills, stay updated with new content, maintain your momentum in storytelling.

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