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What is the Workshop?

The Workshop is your go-to destination for mastering the art of storytelling. Whether you’re looking for self-paced learning, personalized coaching, or intensive training, we have the perfect program to suit your needs. Dive into our diverse offerings and find the right path to elevate your storytelling skills.

Access to the Narrative First Workshop

Unlimited access to past recordings for a one-time fee of $250.

Unlock a treasure trove of storytelling wisdom with the Narrative First Workshop. Gain lifetime access to all past recordings of our comprehensive workshops, packed with insights, techniques, and practical examples that will elevate your storytelling skills.

Key Benefits:

  • Lifetime Access: Watch and rewatch at your convenience.
  • Comprehensive Content: Covering various aspects of storytelling and narrative theory.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace: No time constraints, access content anytime.
Access Now for $250

Subtxt Accelerator Program

One-on-one mentorship over four weeks with weekly assignments for $450.

Experience personalized guidance with the Subtxt Accelerator Program. Over four weeks, engage in one-on-one sessions where you receive tailored advice and hands-on projects designed to enhance your storytelling abilities.

Key Benefits:

  • Personalized Mentorship: Individualized sessions tailored to your storytelling needs.
  • Flexible Schedule: Find a time that works best for you and your part of the world.
  • Hands-On Projects: Practical assignments to apply what you learn.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Work at your own pace with weekly guidance.


  • Current Subscription to Subtxt: You must have a subscription to Subtxt in order to join the program. Note that this can be any tier (Subtxt, Subtxt Pro, Subtxt Infinite) and any period (monthly or yearly).
Enroll Now for $450

Accelerator Program + Yearly Subtxt Subscription

The Subtxt Accelerator Program plus a full year of Subtxt for $650.

Maximize your storytelling potential with the Subtxt Accelerator Program combined with a yearly subscription to Subtext. This bundle is great for those new to the platform and offers significant savings and continuous access to powerful tools and support.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Support: Continuous guidance and access to Subtxt.
  • Save $50: Enjoy the benefits of both programs at a discounted rate.
  • Enhanced Learning: Integrate one-on-one sessions with Subtxt's robust features.
Get the Bundle for $650

AI-Powered Storytelling Cohort

The original intensive six-week program to master storytelling with AI tools is back for good at $1,450.

Join our AI-Powered Storytelling Cohort for an in-depth exploration of storytelling techniques, Dramatica theory, and the Subtxt Narrative Framework. Over six weeks, participate in twice-weekly sessions to transform your ideas into complete treatments.

Key Benefits:

  • Deep Learning: Comprehensive training in narrative theory and practical applications.
  • AI Integration: Learn to leverage AI tools in your storytelling process.
  • Complete Journey: Take an idea from concept to full treatment.

Find out what over 160+ other students have discovered over the years: the AI-Powered Storytelling cohort is the creative writing course you've always imagined could be possible. (4.9 rating)

Next Cohorts:

  • June 11 to July 18, 2024
  • Aug 13 to Sep 21, 2024
Join the Cohort for $1,450

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Success Stories

Hear from those who transformed their storytelling skills

Josh, Teacher:

"You get what you put into this course, and Jim matches that, and then some. This course really stepped up my own personal understanding of Dramatica. With thinking not as the main character, but as the author. And a throughline as the motivational inequity of each perspective. As someone who was familiar to the theory and working with Dramatica, there were still some inklings of confusion that not only were cleared up, but the integrated and cooperative exercises within the course made it engaging and thought-provoking. With constant Q/A this is the course if you really want to create a strong foundation if you're about to begin a story, or have just finished and need to figure out if EVERYTHING is there."

Cathy, Retired Librarian:

"This course is a ton of work. It will kick your butt. But it will also, I believe, revolutionize the way you approach your writing, and you will end up with a product that is massively better than if you had not taken this course and used Subtxt to help plan your piece."

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  • Enroll and Get Immediate Access: Sign up and start exploring our resources.
  • Start Learning and Transforming Your Storytelling: Engage with our content, apply what you learn, and see your storytelling improve.

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