Even the Rain

A fantastic example of the greater meaning a functioning narrative brings to a film.

A truly remarkable film full of the meaningful irony and character development that fans of great story thrive on.

Main Character Costa (Luis Tosar), navigates the challenges of producing a Christopher Columbus biopic in the midst of a Bolivian revolution. While there, he meets Influence Character Hatuey (Juan Carlos Aduviri), a local hothead with little to no patience for those in charge, a disdain for authority both governmental and cinematic. This all important role of challenging Costa to reexamine his personal paradigms is handed off from time to time to director Sebastian (Gael Garcia Bernal), but Hatuey maintains the lion's share.

There does appear to be a secondary substory with Main Character Sebastian at the helm. Confirmation would require a second viewing, which by no means would be a regretful event.

The film is yet another overseas master-class in character growth, a subtle experience devoid of cliches, and a Personal Triumph for the ages.

A must see.

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