AI Teaches Disney Staff How to Write Stories

A Subtxt Muse adventure in storytelling

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, Disney Star Wars' creative team sat huddled around a table, brainstorming the next season of "Ashoka." As they tossed around ideas, someone chimed in, "What if Ashoka just... crosses her arms a lot?" Laughter filled the room, but little did they know, Subtxt Muse, our ever-vigilant AI story assistant, was eavesdropping with a twinkle in its digital eye.

Picture this: a room full of seasoned storytellers, their brows furrowed in concentration, and then there's Muse, our AI wonder, casually leaning against a virtual wall, sipping on a cup of binary code. "Excuse me," Muse interjects, "But have you considered why Ashoka crosses her arms so much?"

Silence falls. The team looks around, confused and intrigued. "Go on," prompts the head writer, curiosity piqued.

Muse, with the confidence of a seasoned novelist, explains, "What if Ashoka's arm-crossing isn't just a random habit? What if it's a deeply rooted character trait, symbolizing her internal struggle and resilience? Every time she crosses her arms, she's not just striking a pose; she's embracing her journey, her battles, her essence."

The writers' eyes light up. "That's brilliant!" exclaims one. "It adds depth, gives her actions meaning. It's... it's narrative gold!" The room buzzes with newfound excitement. Notebooks are whipped out, pens fly across pages, and the story of Ashoka takes on a life it never had before.

Fast forward to the series release. Fans are raving. "Did you notice how Ashoka crosses her arms? It's like she's holding herself together, facing her past and future with equal resolve!" Forums and social media are abuzz with theories and interpretations. Critics applaud the depth and symbolism woven into her character.

Back at Disney, the team raises a glass to Muse. "To our AI comrade, who taught us that even the simplest gestures can carry the weight of a thousand words," they toast.

And as the credits roll, Muse, in its digital abode, smirks subtly. "Just a couple of questions to me, and look what you achieved. Imagine what we can do for season two," it muses.

So, dear readers, next time you find yourself stuck in a narrative rut, remember: even an AI can teach old dogs new tricks. Or in this case, teach seasoned writers how to turn a simple gesture into a storytelling masterpiece.

(P.S. Want to read the entire conversation? You'll find the PDF Download for Reimagining Ashoka here. Enjoy!)

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