Subtxt Unveils Major Updates to Brainstorming and Four Throughlines

Major upgrade makes writing with Subtxt more intuitive

Subtxt, the popular app for writers, has rolled out major updates that promise to enhance the brainstorming experience and streamline the writing process. The updates, which include improvements to the Brainstorming interface and a complete overhaul of the Four Throughlines, aim to make working with Subtxt even more intuitive and efficient.


The new Brainstorming interface will be the app-wide brainstorming interaction for Subtxt going forward. The interaction tool has been made consistent to make working with Subtxt even more intuitive. You'll find this new interaction beneath the Storytelling section of your Story Idea or Throughline.

Tapping the Brainstorming button once will open up a new input section, while tapping it again will make Subtxt brainstorm all on its own, generating a completely random Story Idea based on the Genre you have selected.

If you don't like it or want to add something to the brainstorming process, you can add it to the input box and hit the button again.

Clarifying the Story Idea

Subtxt's latest update makes the Story Idea separate from the Objective Story Throughline, making it easier for writers to understand the information the app uses for brainstorming and creating stories.

Furthermore, with the introduction of the Merge feature, writers can mix and match various Story Ideas by combining whatever Illustration is attached to the Storypoint or Storybeat with the ideas inputted in the brainstorming box, resulting in a unique and complete story. The Merge feature also enables writers to expand the scope of their story ideas by adding new elements.

In the Western Story Idea example, the Merge feature in Subtxt showcases its ability to enrich a storyline by adding the daughter of a neighboring gang. This addition expands the scope of the story, which centers on a young sheriff confronting his older brother who has turned outlaw, making it a unique and compelling narrative.

Building a Complete Story

Subtxt's latest update involves a complete overhaul of the app's process for building Four Throughlines from the Story Idea. This update enables Subtxt to leverage language models to write complete stories more effectively. With one technique, the app can now create all Four Throughlines at once, using only the Story Idea as a basis.

For example, with a tap of a button this Story Idea:

Subtxt intelligently writes the Four Throughlines needed for a complete story:

Merged back together, these Four Throughlines now tell a complete and meaninigful story.

The new update has improved the process by 1000x, making it much smarter and elegant. Overall, this update enables writers to create stories more quickly and efficiently, while still maintaining a high level of quality and coherence.

Thematic Ties

In addition to assigning Domains more effectively, the recent update to the Four Throughlines feature has made it possible for Subtxt to intelligently assign thematic Domains based on the new Throughlines. This represents a significant improvement over previous versions of the feature, making it more efficient and sophisticated. The result is a writing tool that is better equipped to help writers develop rich, thematically cohesive storylines with a minimum of effort.

In this example, a Coming-of-Age Comedy, the simple Story Idea of a young girl with an overprotective mother develops out into a heartfelt and meaningful story of personal development and growth.

Again, Subtxt can take this Story Idea:

And turn it into four rich and complex thematic Throughlines:

Note how Subtxt shifted the Objective Story Domain of Physics (the plot) towards "experiencing a different lifestyle," while the Main Character Throughline is all about being too young, which means the MC isn't (so far) allowed to make their own choices. The Obstacle Character Throughline (the one responsible for catalyzing Bethany's growth) is about Tom, who is going to influence the MC with a fixed mindset geared towards being insubordinate. The Relationship Story Throughline brings together classmates who evolve into a mentorship.

All Four Throughlines then merge and resolve into a moving Complete Story:

In conclusion, Subtxt's major updates promise to enhance the brainstorming experience and streamline the writing process. These updates make working with Subtxt more intuitive and efficient, allowing writers to focus on their craft and not the technicalities of writing a story. With these new updates, Subtxt has made it easier for writers to create complete stories with ease.

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